Stump grinding in North Yorkshire by Tree Surgeon

In June 2019, Northallerton based tree surgeons Treescape were called to work on a Yorkshire Stump grinding and removal.

Our tree surgeons successfully cut down the tree in this domestic garden near. What’s left behind is a tree stump, the anchor that once held this large tree.

In most cases, the stump comes with a lot of questions about what to do next. Some people prefer to leave it in the ground as a centrepiece. In most cases, people prefer us to remove the stump from the ground.

Removal of the tree stump involves a cost-effective process called stump grinding.

Experience tree surgeons will all have a stump grinding machine in their arsenal.

Using a stump grinder for stump removal

Stump grinding in North Yorkshire by Tree Surgeon

Expert tree surgeons use stump grinders to remove tree stumps by cutting into the wood. This is done by using a powerful cutting disc that chips away into the stumps wood.

The high-speed disk has teeth that “grinds” the roots and stump of the tree – hence “stump grinder”. These machines are operated by professional arborists and can be as large as a car or as small as a petrol lawnmower.

Stump grinding is performed by our qualified tree surgeons and arborist.

If you require a tree surgeon in North Yorkshire, do not hesitate to contact us. Our arborist services are available throughout North Yorkshire – including Middlesborough and Darlington.