Yorkshire Stump GrindersIn Yorkshire and surrounding areas, Tom Pugh Timber Services provides stump removal and grinding services. When you need a tree stump to be removed from your garden to enlarge it, be sure to use our Yorkshire stump grinders for the job.

  • Removal of tree stumps by a local expert:
  • We remove tree stumps professionally,
  • The most efficient and modern machinery,
  • Grind out any tree stump regardless of size,
  • Ground disturbance is minimal,
  • We remove tree stumps far below the ground’s surface,
  • We have full insurance coverage on all of our work.

Stump Removal

As a stump is ground down and removed, stump removal is sometimes referred to as stump grinding. Using the best machinery, even the largest stump can be reduced to wood chippings very quickly. In order to carry out these tasks, we use only the best equipment.

The wood from a stump is usually removed several inches below the surface to prevent sprouts from emerging. Alternatively, we can eliminate roots upon request, but please contact us if you need that service.

Any size of stump grind can be handled by our equipment, from a single stump to multiple huge ones.

During stump removal, tree stumps are ground into chippings that are raked back into the hole that was formed. If there are any extra chippings, we will bag them to be used for mulch. Whenever possible, we will do our utmost to minimize disruptions to the environment.

Stump Grinding in North YorkshireHere are the top six reasons to remove a tree stump from your garden

Tree stumps. Despite their appearance, they can be very dangerous when left in a garden; they can pose the same danger as a still-lived tree that can topple suddenly at any time.

We’ve gathered six reasons why you should contact our Yorkshire Stump grinders now if you’re still not sure:

1. Stumps ruin your garden’s appearance

In terms of aesthetics, tree stumps would be an eyesore in your garden. It makes your garden look untidy.

Remember that if left unattended, tree stumps can negatively impact your property value.

Doubt this? It makes a lot of sense if you think about it. Are you more likely to buy a property with a weedy garden or a property with an ugly tree stump?

2. Stumps Can Be Dangerous for Children

You shouldn’t leave old tree stumps in your garden if you want your home to be kid-friendly. The stumps can pose a danger to kids in households with young kids, especially if they like to run in the garden.

As a result, if you accidentally hit a stump while maintaining your lawn, it can crack your lawn equipment.

It can also become your liability if someone trips on a tree stump while visiting your home.

Plus, if there is a stump near your driveway, someone should be aware of it if they drive at night.

3. Stumps Make Mowing and Gardening More Difficult

Besides causing damage to your mower, tree stumps also make the whole task more difficult. When you mow and weed in your garden, tree stumps are a considerable hassle.

4. New trees can grow from stumps.

Usually, tree stumps lead to the growth of new trees. In time, you will notice that tiny trees start growing around it, creating an even less appealing look in your garden.

Aside from destroying your landscape, it would also be more challenging to remove plants with roots already established.

The new shoots are more likely to return, and expensive plant chemicals will be needed to eradicate them.In this way, sprouts take nutrients from nearby plants, so if you wonder why your flower beds aren’t blooming as well, maybe it’s because other plants are absorbing those nutrients.

5. Insects are attracted to old stumps.

In addition to making your garden a visual mess, old stumps can attract insects.

A decaying tree takes a long time to decompose completely, so the stump will attract many insects.

Even if you find the insects crawling around your garden indifferent at first, they will eventually find their way into your house.

Termites can also seriously damage your house because they can destroy its structural integrity.

We can remove the stump today so that you don’t have to wait for more considerable consequences to happen and pay expensive fees for insect extermination experts later.

6. Stumps require a lot of garden space.

A picnic table would be a great addition to your garden. Or perhaps you plan to plant a garden there? You are certainly free to do whatever you want with your garden, but there are numerous tree stumps there, so you will have difficulty bringing your plans to life.

The last thing you want in your garden is a tree stump if you want it to be a peaceful, inviting spot for family and friends to gather.

Let’s get rid of those old tree stumps that are ruining your garden by hiring an expert to remove them! (We can help!). Call us today.

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