Sycamore Tree Removal in North Yorkshire

This summer, Northallerton based tree surgeons Treescape were called to work on a tree removal. The customer was a domestic household based in Thirsk.

Due to dangers of the work, as with all arborist jobs, safety was paramount with every aspect of professional arborist duties. The first things to check out were:

  • size of the tree,
  • obstacles in the surrounding area,
  • path of removal for debris

Furthermore, the tree in question was a beautiful sycamore tree. If you are familiar with sycamore trees, you will know they are very tall, fast-growing and durable. Unfortunately, this tree had Sooty bark disease.

Fugal disease leading to Tree Removal

Sooty bark is a lethal disease for sycamore trees – almost always leading to the removal. Signs are the bark shedding and producing a deep layer of blackish-brown in the bark. An unfortunate case of fungal disease.

In this case, the spreading of the disease meant tree pruning or reduction could not save the tree from removal. If caught early enough the tree looks moist and these are of brown. Furthermore, as the infection ages, these areas turn black and sooty in – hence “sooty bark”.

Saving the tree in the early stages of infection involves disposing of wood with the disease. Strategically pruning and removing the branches with infection and disposing of the wood safely. The disease can spread when the branches are chipped or burnt. Attempted at a very early stage, can prevent the spread to other Maple or Sycamore trees in the area.

Treescape is familiar with this disease and can prevent this from happening. A tree surgeon in North Yorkshire, with experience in risk assessing we know what will need to happen to prevent this.

Safely removing the tree in a domestic area.

Tree climber in North Yorkshire

In the area, fences and a recently landscaped garden were issues we face. However, Tree surgeons, especially in Northallerton, we know how to work in wonderful landscapes. North Yorkshire is known for its beauty after all.

To prevent damage to the surrounding areas, our expert tree climber was assigned to the task. Using ropes and pulleys, we could control the debris being lowered to the ground. An essential part of tree surgery is taking time to avoid mistakes. With planning, we avoid damage to the fences just a few feet away.

Fortunately, we have enough space in the garden for our wood chipper to be set up. Therefore we could remove debris by chipping straight into our truck. Fast, efficient and no mess – we complete another job.

If you require a tree surgeon in North Yorkshire, do not hesitate to contact us. Our arborist services are available throughout North Yorkshire – including Middlesborough and Darlington.