Tree Care Services in Stockton On Tees area

Tree Surgery Services Stockton On Tees
Tree Surgery Services Stockton On Tees

Our tree surgeons regularly work in Stockton-On-Tees’ market town due to large amounts of business developments requiring our services. Stockton Borough Council will spend £20 million on office, housing and new roads around the River Tees. With the increase in population and buildings, trees need to be surveyed, felled or protected.

It’s vital to hire an arborist when considering any building development or removal of a tree. Our professional expertise can check to see if any TPOs (Tree Protection Orders) or should there impact the local wildlife if development begins.

County Durham has beautiful landscapes and such places as the Portrack Marsh Nature Reserve exist because arborists deem them necessary to stay untouched. However, if you are unsure if a tree can be removed or any tree care-related question, you can contact us for expert advice.

Choosing a tree surgeon local to you

Tree Surgeon Stockton On Tees
Tree Surgeon Stockton On Tees

As with all professions, it’s important when you choose a tree surgeon they are qualified for the job. Ideally, they will be local to the area of Stockton On Tees (like Treescape) and have been tried and tested. Once you’ve checked their qualifications such as being CHAS accredited, you can be certain they will advise on the job in the proper manner.

Our team of tree surgeons will only advise on the work that is needed and our founder Tom Rennison will personally attend the site visit. Some of the tree work we do regularly in Stockton is:

  • Crown Reductions – Reducing the height/width of a tree to nearby protect property
  • Crown Thinning – Selectively removing inner branches to reduce the wind load on a tree
  • Crown Raising – Removal of lower branches to increase ground clearance
  • Tree Felling & Removal – Removing a tree altogether together due to disease or storm damage
  • Stump Grinding – A stump can be a tripping hazard and we can remove it for you
  • Tree Surveys & Reports – Being a qualified arborist, we can check on tree preservation orders and mortgage reports.
  • Hedge Trimming & Landscape Services – Need some general tidying of the garden, no job is too big or small.

Be sure to call us on 07917 095 257 if you require a site visit or some simple advice on tree care work.


We wanted a hedge removed to extend our drive and Treescape made this happen. Thank you Tom.

A Ghiani, Stockton On Tees

A housing plan needed some arborist checks, and Tom was very knowledgeable.

T Pond, Stockton-On-Tees

A simple thinning of our trees is all that was need to protect our home from imminent danger. Great pric.

Louise D, Stockton

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